From point A to point B.
Profile of photographer Sheila Metzner.

Ande La Monica directed a short film retrospective about the acclaimed photographer Sheila Metzner.

Sheila Metzner
Time Line

Principal Photography
Title Design
Motion Graphics
Post Production

Sheila Metzner: Time Line

Titled “Time Line,” the film features the exhibition, the opening night celebration, and a graphic montage highlighting the artist’s work. “It’s a fantastic little film,” commented Ande. “Sheila’s work spans over 40 years. As well as creating some brilliant images of Uma Thurman, Tilda Swinton, David Lynch, Warren Beatty, and Kim Basinger, her studies of the Brooklyn Bridge are just stunningly beautiful. It was a pleasure to work with the material.”

The exhibition itself included approximately 100 images, drawn from Metzner’s personal collection, and featured highlights from her work in several genres fashion, still life, landscape and portraiture each rendered in her signature, evocative style. The exhibition also included several never-before-exhibited works, including selections from her latest series, “36 Views of Brooklyn Bridge.”


Ande continued, “We handled everything from the sketched storyboards to the final mastering. In a short time, we were able to shoot, edit, develop the motion graphics, and score the music. It was a great project and the client was extremely happy with the result.”