From a West Village walk-up to a national brand.
Food packaging and brand development.

The founders of FEED Granola Co. want to help people eat better and live healthier lifestyles (really). Established a little while back in New York City's West Village, by two guys named Jason, FEED was created based on the simple idea that our bodies' performance is determined by the food we eat.

FEED Granola Co.

Brand Development
Style Guide
Marketing Materials
Car Graphics
Venture Capital


"Typically, organic food is almost as appetizing as eating a furniture catalogue,” warns Ande, “so it was a pleasure to work on an organic food product that actually tastes fantastic and is good for you."

Ande La Monica has been working with the Granola Guys since the start and has taken on the position of Creative Director. He has developed the logo, product packaging, ancillary marks, website, style guides, advertisements, various marketing materials, photo treatments, in-store displays, trade show booths, shirts and apparel, and the company cars (affectionately called the FEED Machines… hybrids of course.) Over the past few years he has helped take FEED Granola Co. from a 7th floor walk-up to a national brand.


The Identity Development Catches on.


In a short amount of time the brand grew into something wonderful. Inc Magazine, Fast Company, and Rachael Ray, caught on along with a lot of other people. CNBC's The Entrepreneurs did a nice little segment on us. Hosted by Donny Deutsch, the show profiles the talent behind this growing company.

CNBC interviews Jason Osborn and Jason Wright (founders), Ande La Monica (creative director), and Brentt Church (operations) about how they turned Feed Granola into a hot brand and a household name in less than two years.


Designing the Logos of the Brand.


The logo is based on letterpress and turn-of-the-century American woodblock type. There is a great raw and natural feel to it. It is really smart and honest packaging for organic foods. It’s only a matter of time before it starts influencing the market.


Designing the food packaging


The Information Architecture of the front packaging


The Information Architecture of the back packaging


Developing the venture capital and investment package


Website design, E-commerce Development, and Shopping Cart


MArketing MAterials and Advertisements

Designing the car graphics